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Our knowledge of logistics is built on 15-year experience, which is an unpredictable achievement in the whole planning process, organized and managed to achieve the intended goal. The nature of logistic processes can have very dynamic development, which is why the experience that allows you to assess the risk and minimize it is so invaluable.

Skilled personnel will plan everything in the smallest details, advise, choose adequate resources, so that in the way that the customer will choose the right solution.


We offer transport of both full truck loads and single-load poultry loads, we organize transport of goods at controlled temperatures both in the country and throughout Europe.


We carry out transport urgently by expressing missing raw materials on the production line with the "time critical" principle, such shipments arrive from point A to point B throughout Europe in a very short time.


We carefully light up and realize the flow of goods of all kinds of goods. Permanent contact with the driver and forwarder, GPS monitoring, constant control of the cargo moves.

BM Logistics

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Tel. +48 608 33 44 70
Tel. +48 502 133 512

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